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Are You Drowning in Emails, Photos, Old Digital Files

March 27, 2012

Melinda Beck WSJ reporter raised the question in today’s Wall Street Journal, are you a digital hoarder?


She referenced a digital hoarder who has more than 24,000 MP3files, 4000digital books, 2000 CDs, 3000 family photos and more than 1300 emails. 

Well I must be a digital hoarder also; I have servers filled with old emails back from my years with AT&T. I lost count of the CDs I collected and counting the ones my children left home after college there hundreds of others in various places around the house.


The emails are the ones that really are fascinating.  It is fun to re-read some of the first e-mails sent during my career at AT&T.  You may remember that AT&T was using email long before AOL said “you got email”, why are do we keep this old stuff?

Who knows, perhaps one day there may be some value in all this digital junk.


Read the article by Melinda Beck about drowning in email.  It is worth the time and it may even cause you to go clean out of all digital files and throw out some CD’s …

Oh, know, I just found some old 33 albums.