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Who Said TV Is Not Fun....Supercomputer and Jeopardy

February 15, 2011

IBM Watson Supercomputer scheduled for Jeopardy! combat

January 15, 2011 12:05 PM EST

Specs of supercomputer prove massive

Jeopardy! sit-in Watson, a supercomputer, will be using DeepQA technology to procure Jeopardy! answers. It is armed with a Linux system that is powered by 10 refrigerator-sized racks of IBM POWER 750, with 15 terabytes of RAM and a 2,880 processor core. Throughout its lifespan, Watson has stored tens of millions of informational pieces•perfect for combat. With specs like this, former champs had better prepare.

IBM's supercomputer will prove viewers right or wrong on Feb. 14-16, 2011, when enthusiasts from around the globe tune in to see who takes the title in Jeopardy!

Top Jeopardy! Champions Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter will be pitted against this colossal of an intellectual machine in a most unsightly match-up, answering questions ranging from every Jeopardy! topic imaginable.

" ... like all Jeopardy! competitors, it knows only what is already in its 'brain,'" says The New York Times Co.

The mastermind behind the IBM Watson super machine? David Ferrucci, senior manager at IBM semantic analysis and integration department.

Ferrucci professes to have never had an affinity for the trivia television show. The show is fairly popular, and fans will be tuning in via Twitter the night of IBM Watson’s showdown.