South Carolina Technology Alliance
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Mission and Vision

South Carolina will prosper in the 21st century as a recognized leader in attracting, creating, growing and retaining world-class technology intensive companies while preserving our excellent quality of life, strong work ethic and exceptional business environment.

Defining High Tech has always been a challenge; many groups use a definition that places heavy emphasis on information technology. Now a new brief prepared by the Center for Economic Development (CED) at Carnegie Mellon University and SSTI uses a new approach to identifying technology industries using NAICS.  These are industries and technology employers that have employment of technology occupations exceeding the national average by at least three times.  Technology generations are industries where R&D expenditures per employee and/or the proportion of full time equivalent R&D scientists and engineers in the workforce exceed the national average.

The South Carolina Technology Alliance is a non-profit / private public non-partisan technology orientated Think Tank. We work to develop and advance visionary economic development policies by providing opportunities for collaboration among a diverse cross-section our state's business, academic and legislative leaders and our state;s economic and community development sectors. We also work dilligently to assit in identifying and developing technology workforce skills and work to create investment capital for our entrepreneurial knowledge base technology companies.

Funding for our Alliance comes from local and state government, technology entrepreneurs, various grants, personal contributions and from services provided to our allies across the state. We provide our members with authoritative research and entrepreneurial discussions groups.  We also provide an annual technology legislative agenda and other pilot projects in the areas of technology and innovation, workforce development, community technology development, civic engagement and leadership "Creating South Carolina's Future Through Technology Leadership."