South Carolina Technology Alliance
Help Support Technology in South Carolina Help Support Technology in South Carolina

Make an investment in South Carolina's future by jointing our innovation economy revolution as a member of the South Carolina Technology Alliance you can become a supporting member of the South Carolina Technology Alliance by calling our office at 803-748-1232.


You will receive "terabyte technology news", "Monthly Entrepreneur Breakfast" to network you and your company. "Hey it's Last Tuesday" this is an informal gathering of technology movers and shakers from around our state and meet some of the meet the technology leaders and he people that you see and hear about in the news. You will get "discounts" on selected technology equipment purchased from local companies. Discounts on many of the technical and software course needed to certify for various technology licenses.


Free "SCTech E-mail" Service. Get your own personal "Technology Auto Tag", "Job postings", "business plan" "development" from some of our strongest tech entrepreneurs. "Free software". Support and help in locating "venture capital" or "investment capital" for your tech business, and even a "SC Technology Tee Shirt".  You will be helping us shape the plans and the strategies and will have a voice regarding where and what we must be do to become a leader in the high tech innovation knowledge based economy.  Begin your membership today in the South Carolina Technology Alliance. 




















Get your technology auto tag, link below for information below. 


A portion of the fees collected for this plate will be distributed to the South Carolina Technology Alliance for the continued development of high technology programs across the state and to provide resources for SC Technology Entrepreneurs. The fee for the special plate is $100.00 in addition to the regular registration fee. If would like more information regarding the technology auto tags please call our office at 803-748-1323. This is an outstanding method to help fund your counties innovation economy.  You can get up to $50.00 for each tag sold by your organization.  This is very easy way to raise funds for your economic development efforts.  Click on the link below to order today from the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles. Remember you are helping support the creation of the technology and innovation future of South Carolina.