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Our Innovation Index is designed less as a reference document than as a plan; this is also our way to analysis South Carolina's capacity for innovation.  Our index is a representation of what we want to achieve and how we will do it.


In addition our Index will encourage each of our supporters to compete against our selves and not the other states.  This will allow us to create successes that unique to our state and our own challenges and resources. When we succeed at meeting our own target in one or more benchmark areas we can celebrate each victory.  This will provide us with an endless number of win-win scenarios.


Our index will also encourage our supporters to engage an active, dynamic planning process.  Our Innovation Index report will be updated regularly to maintain its relevance.  We encourage you to examine the results and activities often to understand our states progress as we move along this journey to an innovation economy.


Our innovation economy targets have been developed by a cross section of our technology entrepreneurial community, as well as, many of our states leading technology business leaders and also our states policy leaders. 


Additional Key Proformance Indicators can be found on the South Carolina Department of Commerce Web ">South Carolina Department of Commerce


South Carolina Innovation Index: 

For a copy of the report please call our office